“Push” a phone number from the PC to your smartphone

(1) Download the Software
for your Windows PC

First download and install the software
for your Windows PC.
Click here for download

(2) Download App for your
iPhone or Android

Then download and install your app for iPhone or Android or Windows Phone 8 smartphone.
Go to iTunes from Apple
Go to Google play
Go to Windows Phone Store

(3) Connect the Apps

Third, set up the logical connection
between the Windows PC application
and your app (aka pairing).
Ready to push!

Are you still typing?

(4) Select the Phone Number

Select a phone number using the mouse or keyboard on the PC. No matter, if you have an office- or a browser application, as long as the Windows clipboard is supported, you can use the PushToSmart functionality.

(5) Press the Hotkey

Press the predefined Hotkey to directly initiate the phone call. In case the key is in use by another application, please configure it individually.

(6) Let your App dial

The phone number will be sent (pushed) from the Windows PC to your smartphone via an intelligent service in the internet.
The app will let your phone dial.

Watch the installation guide video now!

Install…and have fun!